"I'm sorry, but if you are not a member of Laracasts, what are you doing?!"

- Taylor Otwell (Creator of Laravel)


It's okay. We all have questions that need answers.

Question Icon Can I cancel at any time?

Laracasts subscriptions renew, just like Netflix or Hulu. But, of course you can cancel at any point. It would be a pretty shabby business, if that wasn't an option. :) Seriously — it's not like the gym. Visit your settings page, click "Cancel," and done. Tears will be shed on this end, but that's not your concern.

Question Icon If I sign up, do I gain access to everything?

Yes! And that's over one thousand lessons of training goodness — by a teacher who won't put you to sleep. You've seen those terrible Youtube screencasts; life's too short to endure teenaged umms, uhhs, and typos. Learn with Jeffrey instead. Did you know that nine out of ten doctors recommend Laracasts over competing brands?

Question Icon Do you offer student discounts?

Here's the thing: Laracasts is already priced below most similar sites, so there isn't much wiggle room. However, if you live in a country where $15 per month is prohibitively high - or the conversion rate is unreasonable - email [email protected], and we'll see what we can do for you. Otherwise, please stick with the monthly rate we offer. Thank you!

Question Icon Seriously, was Total Recall a dream or not?

Look, we've had this conversation over and over. My vote is that everything after he's put to sleep at the "Rekall" place is a dream. Did you hear the doctor guy say, "Blue sky on Mars. That's a new one." There's your hint. Now, please, back on track. Are you buying me lunch or not?