Sublime Text Mastery

If you intend to dedicate a career to web development, shouldn't you, in the process, harness every ounce of your code editor? In this series, I'll show you everything I know about Sublime Text.

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  • 01

    Episode 1 Run Time 10:20

    Make Sublime Pretty Free

    While the default install of Sublime isn't unattractive, I think we can do way better.
  • 02

    Episode 2 Run Time 3:06

    The Two Most Important Shortcuts

    There are two key keyboard shortcuts that you absolutely must memorize.
  • 03

    Episode 3 Run Time 5:26

    Super-Fast File Creation

    Yes, you can manually right-click in the sidebar to create new files in Sublime Text, but there's a faster way. Let me show you my method.
  • 04

    Episode 4 Run Time 6:22

    Do The Splits With Origami

    Out of the box, Sublime Text offers a handful of "split modes." However, if you want more control, then the Origami package is right up your alley.
  • 05

    Episode 5 Run Time 7:14

    Vintage Mode

    Vi keybindings aren't for everyone, but how will you know unless you give them a few weeks?
  • 06

    Episode 6 Run Time 2:22

    Multiple Cursors

    Though a bit more common these days, originally, Sublime Text's use of multiple cursors was incredibly innovative and groundbreaking. You'll use this feature every single day.
  • 07

    Episode 7 Run Time 12:29

    Better PHP Workflow Free

    If you're predominantly writing PHP in Sublime Text, there are a number of tricks you can use to rapidly improve your workflow.
  • 08

    Episode 8 Run Time 5:08

    Better PHPUnit Workflow

    Now that we've improved our PHP workflow, let's switch over and do the same for PHPUnit! Think we can figure out how to run our test suite - or even a single test class - directly from Sublime Text?
  • 09

    Episode 9 Run Time 1:10

    Trigger Artisan From Sublime

    Though not a requirement, you might find that it's easier to trigger your various Artisan commands directly from Sublime Text. Let me show you how to do that.
  • 10

    Episode 10 Run Time 3:02

    Automatic PSR-2 Formatting

    Many developers these days have adopted the PSR-2 coding standard. Let's figure out how to make Sublime Text automatically format our code to fit this standard.
  • 11

    Episode 11 Run Time 2:28

    Lint Your PHP

    Let's pull in the SublimeLinter package, so that we can instantly be notified of any PHP errors we might make while coding.

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